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Welcome to Pierogi Tree, The Festive Holiday Christmas Design!

When you read the shirt and hear the music, we know you sing along! 

All Pierogi Tree designs have both Merry Christmas and Happy New Years in the language they are designed for! Our primary shirts are written in Polish!
If you’re looking for a shirt in another language, please select by nationality from our menu.

The Version Lineup

The Original Pierogi Tree

The original first version of pierogi tree came into existence in October 2015.

Ugly Pierogi Tree

The ugly pierogi tree version with Christmas lights was released in November 2015. It was done as an ugly Christmas sweatshirt.

Na Zdrowie Pierogi Tree

Na Zdrowie pierogi tree was released in early January 2016, One of our customer came up with the “Na Zdrowie to you and me” line and it’s been part of the family ever since!

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